Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy

1.  A smiling baby face 2 inches from my own when I wake in the morning.
2.  A little boy flexing his muscles in an inflatable pool.
3.  My husband making woo-hoo noises at me when I change into my pajamas.
4.  Raw cookie dough.
5.  Reading a new book late at night.
6.  Rereading an old book and being surprised by things I've forgotten.
7.  Looking for treasures in a thrift shop.
8.  People who laugh loudly and without inhibition.
9.  The scent of lilacs.
10.  Donating money to the causes that are most important to me.
11.  Dreaming about realistic goals, such as owning a small, crumbly house in my favorite village in Greece.
12.  Dreaming unrealistically, such as playing Penelope Cruz's role in "Nine".
13. Sleeping late.
14. Buying apple butter from a roadside stand at an Amish farm.

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