Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Just Comes Naturally Now

Though for most of my adult life I wasn't sure I even wanted to be a mother, save for a short time in my early twenties, which my husband (then-fiancé) salved with a tiny pitbull puppy I named Ava. Parenthood seemed so unglamourous, and for the most part, it is. Tonight, I walk through our creaking old farmhouse and glance in a bubbly mirror as I pass by and see myself with an infant on my hip, my face looking content and comfortable, and I am glad that I went for it, happy that we've been so fortunate, and constantly amazed that something so commonplace is extraordinary to me.

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Amanda McLafferty said...

You definitely need to find the beautiful moments admidst the craziness of parenthood. I also once in a while just look in the mirror with Audrey and get that live snapshot of my life as a mom. I love how I usually always smile and just have a pure feeling of elation about what I see.